Self-care & well-being for emergency nurses – leading person centred compassionate care


The Heart of Caring Reflective Resource will be used to workshop with participants. The participants will have the opportunity to consider an action plan towards self-care & well being and how they can lead person centred compassionate care in emergency nursing.

This reflective and interactive workshop will provide you with the opportunity to consider:

  • What compassionate care mean to you?
  • How you support one another in your team towards providing person centred compassionate care?
  • ‘The Heart of Caring’ and what it means to us and to our teams is a question we need to regularly consider.
  • How do you work towards leading Person Centred Compassionate Care every day?
  • Develop an action plan toward leading person centre compassionate care

Facilitators:  Karen Tuqiri & Suzy Murray, SESLHD