Coroners Court – what happens if you get called to go?

Mrs Cathi Montague1

1SA Health – Royal Adelaide Hospital, Adelaide, Australia, 2SA Health – Modbury Hospital , Modbury, Australia

Being called to the Coroners Court is an experience most emergency nurses will never have to face in their working career. But what if you are called to go? What is expected of you? And what really happens in the Coroners Court anyway?

This presentation uses a real life experience of the presenter to provide you with an understanding of the Coronial process including the summons, your rights and responsibilities and what really happens inside the courtroom as well as after the case is over.


Emergency Department RN with broad experience across a range of specialty, clinical and management positions nationally and internationally. Interests in development of the emergency nursing profession, staff support, education, nursing leadership. Long involvement in CENA at a national and state level.