The NP Pocket Guide: How smart!

Melanie Turner1 , Nellie Marks1, Michelle McCarthy1, Simon O’Grady1, Dr Dianne Crellin1,2,3

1The Royal Children’s Hospital, Parkville , Australia, 2Murdoch Children’s Research Institute, Parkville, Australia, 3The University of Melbourne , Parkville, Australia


Recently we have seen the proliferation of memory and decision support tools in healthcare and the Royal Children’s Hospital in Melbourne has for many years lead the way offering paediatric resources via their website and smart phone applications. However, the decision support needs of the emergency nurse practitioner team were unique. This gave rise to the NP Pocket Guide, which was a series of mnemonics, flow charts, images and other resources aimed at providing a clinically relevant and useful resource for NPs.


The aim of this project was to develop a smart device application to make the paper-based NP pocket guide accessible to a broader range of clinicians and ensure that it could be more easily updated.


An RCH Foundation grant supported the development of a smart device application to transfer, update and add to the resources of the Emergency NP Guide. Over eight months the NP team worked closely with the Creative Studio application development team to create an interface and modify the content for this format.


The Emergency NP Guide app was released in October 2018 and made available for android and Apple devices. In the first month after release it was the most frequently downloaded medical application and has received a 5 star rating in both formats. Organisations such as Advanced Paediatric Life Support Australia and ‘Don’t Forget the Bubbles’ have willingly promoted this application to their audiences. This presentation demonstrate the app and explore the impact of development and release of this application on the NP team.


The Emergency NP Guide has been widely accepted and provides a contemporary resource for clinicians caring for children in the emergency department.


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