SA insights into SEPSIS

Carla Zampatti1, Fiona Gray2

1Nurse Unit Manger – Resuscitation and Short Stay/Toxicology, Emergency Department, Royal Adelaide Hospital; 2Business Development Manager in the Mortgage and Finance Industry 

Just over 18 months ago, Carla and Fiona embarked a collaboration of sorts when realising they had a shared motivation of improving Sepsis recognition and management however from two different perspectives: one as a Sepsis Survivor and one as a clinician.   Together they are attempting to increase community awareness in South Australia, increase recognition of Sepsis in health care facilities and are actively championing the development of a state run Sepsis program similar to other Australian states.


Carla Zampatti has been an emergency nurse for the past 19 years.  She is currently the Resuscitation Nurse Unit Manager in the Emergency Department at the Royal Adelaide Hospital.  For the past few years, Carla has been actively working on increasing Sepsis recognition and improving Sepsis management in both the RAH and TQEH ED’s.  Once of the outcomes of her work is the establishment of the CALHN ED’s Sepsis collaboration of which she is the co-chair.

Fiona Gray is a passionate advocate for Sepsis. Her own experience with Septic Shock in 2015 left her feeling unsupported, ill-informed and alone, which led her to create a support network across Australia and New Zealand for both survivors and families that have lost loved ones to Sepsis.    In 2017 Fiona contributed to the inaugural Australian Sepsis Roundtable and its subsequent report released in March 2018. Fiona is hopeful that the recommendations of this report will be adopted nationally, resulting in reduced deaths and improved outcomes for survivors.

When not advocating for Sepsis Fiona is a Business Development Manager in the Mortgage and Finance Industry with over 20 years of experience.