Trauma system development: The Tasmanian experience

Mr Andrew Keygan1

1Tasmanian State Trauma Services, Hobart, Australia, 2School of Nursing and Midwifery, University of Tasmanina, Hobart, Australia

In Tasmania, trauma has remained relatively unknown and unrecognised; until now. With the drive of the Australian Trauma Registry, coupled with State stakeholder involvement in Australian Trauma Quality Improvement Groups, the onus for Tasmania to demonstrate accountability and quality in the care of the injured has surfaced at a senior executive and ministerial level. In 2015, the Trauma Clinical Advisory Group was established to provide expert evidence-based clinical advice on discipline specific state-wide issues. From this, the Tasmanian State Trauma Service was born.

Tasmania is now on the Trauma Map.

This presentation will look at the journey of the Tasmanian Trauma Service during the development phase; examining enablers, pitfalls and barriers, as well as experiences with State trauma registry development, policy and procedure development, system re-design, and trauma education planning.

Specific topics will encompass:

  • Rural and remote challenges in the development and formalisation of trauma reception capability and emergency services acuity based redirection criteria.
  • Research processes, including the development and implementation of the Tasmanian State Trauma Registry.
  • Leadership and education focused activates with a priority on workforce capability and skill development, including the introduction of a rigorous multi-disciplinary education platform.
  • Implementation planning, consultation and evaluation processes underpinning practice change and policy and procedure development, with a focus on transitioning evidence into practice.


Mr Andrew Keygan graduated from the University of Tasmania in 2007. Since then he has undertaken various nursing roles at the Royal Brisbane and Women’s Hospital, the North West Regional Hospital and the Royal Hobart Hospital, and is currently the Clinical Nurse Consultant for State-wide Trauma Services. He has completed both his Master of Nursing (Emergency) and Master of Nursing Science (Nurse Practitioner) degrees, in addition to holding a Senior Clinical Lecturer position with the School of Nursing and Midwifery at the University of Tasmania. His passion and enthusiasm for emergency and trauma education and research has seen him sit on several Trauma Working Groups as well as teach and coordinate on a number of trauma education programs.