Eye tracking technology; education through innovation

Mrs Louise Veitch1, Mr Anil Thaduri1, Mr Matt Luther1, Mrs Jodie Burke1, Dr Eamon Merick1,2, Dr Janie Busby Grant2

1Calvary Public Hospital Bruce, Nicholls, Australia, 2University of Canberra, Canberra, Australia

While eye tracking technology has been used to evaluate nursing and medical care amongst a variety of clinical specialties in simulated environments, until now there have not been any studies conducted using this technology in real time, with real patients, in an environment such as the Emergency Department. This study will help to identify and compare the approach, execution and clinical findings of the initial primary assessment of patients in the critical care setting of Calvary Hospital Emergency Department. The eye tracking devices will be worn by four groups of participants; novice and experienced Registered Nurses and novice and experienced Medical Officers for comparison of eye tracking and visual field analysis on various emergency presentations.

The research design is aimed to track the visual assessment skills of medical and nursing professionals caring for the critically ill patient. This technology tracks and records the data in real time whilst nurses and medical officers perform the primary assessment by identifying clinical features of the patient. By obtaining real time and recordable eye tracking data, the approach, eye tracking, cognitive cue processing and interpretation of symptoms from assessment findings can be analysed. The findings will then help identify the disparities between the novice and experienced groups to improve clinical practice by further education, and targeted skill enhancement. The study may also reveal the elements of primary assessment that can be learned, compared to skills that are acquired through ongoing professional exposure and experience.


Louise and Anil are Registered Nurses in the Emergency Department at Calvary Hospital in Canberra.

Both Anil and Louise are currently studying for the Masters Degree in Emergency Nursing, through the University of Tasmania.

Anil has previously worked as a Surgical and ICU Nurse, and Louise has had experience in Medical, Surgical and Mental Health Nursing, prior to commencing in the Emergency Department.