The walking wounded – ED Wound Management

There were 7.7 million presentations to ED in 2016-2017 in Australia. This workshop will look at the prioritisation of wound presentations to assist early diagnosis, management and referral. It will explore the most common wound presentations to enable staff to differentiate between management of acute and chronic wounds. It will examine the rational for dressing selections for the types of wounds presenting to the Emergency Department.


Marianne Cullen has been teaching and managing wounds since 1993 when she attended the very first Wound Foundation of Australia Wound Management series. Since this time she has completed a Graduate Certificate in Wound Management, a Graduate Diploma in Nursing Education and a Master of Nursing.

Marianne is the Clinical Nurse Consultant in Wound Management for the Gippsland region. Her role is a Department of Health Regionally funded role which aims to provide training, education and access to clinical support for District Nursing Services and Public Sector Residential Aged Care Facilities across the Gippsland Region.

Marianne also has her own private practice where she provides Wound Management skills, consultancy and education to regional nurses, doctors and facilities. She is also a sessional lecturer in the Monash University Peninsula undergraduate Nursing program.