Simulation: Effective Debriefing

Debriefing is an essential component of simulation-based education. The primary goal of debriefing is to provide learners the opportunity for reflective self-critique to improve knowledge and ultimately patient care.

Participants in this workshop will be provided with a hands on approach to debriefing.  During the workshop, participants will develop an understanding of the importance of debriefing in simulation-based education, the techniques essential for effective debriefing and acquire practical skills in various methodology that will improve clinician learning following simulation both in a formal setting and institute.


Brooke is a Simulation coordinator/ Educator at Epworth HealthCare and also CENA TNP Trauma Nursing Program Instructor. She has an extensive background in Emergency and Trauma Nursing, having been at The Alfred, Victoria for 19 years with in the Emergency and Trauma centre with many years as a specialist educator. She was the CENA TNP national coordinator for 4 years along with her simulation career. Working and training in teams is one of Brooke’s passion along with linking training and simulation to the clinical environment where she still works. Within her portfolio she coordinates Emergency and Intensive Care department simulation sessions, anaesthetic crisis courses and institute simulations. She currently is a CENA TNP Steering Committee member


Samantha is the Director of Simulation at Monash University – Nursing & Midwifery.  She has an extensive background in emergency nursing and is passionate about the education of our future nurses. Samantha developed a keen interest in the use of simulation to bridge the learning gap between theory and clinical practice and believes the use of simulation embedded in nursing education has the positive benefit of developing knowledgeable, skilled and effective healthcare professionals, who provide quality care for patients.


Tess is the Director of Clinical Education and Simulation at Epworth HealthCare. She has an extensive background in the establishment and management of hi fidelity simulation education entres, the mentoring, coordination and training of facilitators and clinical education program development across Victoria. She has been involved in the design and implementation of national and state simulation based training programs along with extensive experience in the development and implementation of team based clinical skills and simulation programs to all health professionals. Tess’s main interest is in the provision of interprofessional learning experiences for all levels of health professionals especially utilising clinical skills and simulation modalities. Tess comes from Critical Care Nursing Background in Peri operative and Emergency Nursing, She is a founding member and current board member of the Victorian Simulation Alliance (VSA), an Executive Committee member of ASSH and has had extensive involvement in Victorian Department of Health’s expert advisory groups across Simulation Based Education and Training, Expanded Settings and Eastern Clinical Training Network committee



Thank you to our key contributors of the workshop Epworth.