Clickbait through social media; does it increase motivation and engagement in workplace learning?

Mrs Kylie Lovato1, Miss  Alison  Jeffers1

1SESLHD, Prince Of Wales ED, Randwick, Australia

Background: The use of social media offers several advantages over traditional face to face or printed educational tools; social media enables education to become more convenient, engages a larger number of people, enables connections to be made with learning groups and allows feedback and professional development1 , Current reported challenges exist with variable learner participation and privacy2.

A closed group facebook page and webpage were developed for the purpose of disseminating knowledge, providing feedback to users, increase engagement of learners and to motivate staff towards inquiry. The purpose of this study is to examine whether ‘clickbait’ though facebook, increases learner motivation and engagement.

Method: A survey was conducted in a single centre Emergency Department based upon a convenience sample of emergency nurses (n= 48%) identifying motivation of learning through social media. Data from facebook was obtained through posts, comments and reactions of leaners in order to ascertain learner engagement.

Results: Results will be presented to demonstrate motivation and learner engagement. Challenges will be discussed with the use of social media as a forum for education to include variable learner participation and confidence of staff to contribute in an online forum.

Conclusions: Opportunities exist for both passive and active learners with the delivery of education through social media. While learner participation may be variable, social media provides a convenient and easy way to engage and motivate a large number of staff.

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  2. Peck, J.l, Social media in Nursing Education: responsible integration for meaningful use. Journal of Nursing Education; Thorofare (2014) 53 (3) 164-9


Collectively we have 20 years+ experience as emergency nurses both in Australia and UK/Ireland. We currently work as Nurse Educators in busy Sydney metropolitan Emergency Department, our goal is to provide evidence based education to the emergency team to build staff capability and capacity. Education is delivered in a variety of different ways to enhance knowledge translation, increase learner engagement and maintain motivation of learning. We are passionate about teaching through new technologies and hope to research the effectiveness of this in the future  towards patient outcomes.