Winter Strategies – Transfer team

Ms Lisa Gray1
1SCGH Perth WA, Nedlands, Australia

Look at transfer times over two winter periods to identify the shift configuration required to address KPI at height of transfer times.
Implement a dedicated transfer team of ED trained HSA and ED resus competent nurse to transfer as many of the inpatients to beds within KPI.
Patient support services identified a specific HSA for the position and ED highlighted the level of orientation of the nurse required. A process was developed, feedback welcomed and monitoring of transfers completed by ED SRN 7.
Paperwork and processes were adjusted to feedback received and changes to processes completed while still working the role.

The role was very successful in its purpose. The eight hour shift averaged 16 transfers and breach of >30 min transfers were approx. 6 per shift at the commencement of the trial in July 2017.
Daily, weekly and monthly statistics were completed and tabled with hospital executive.  The role was continued until end of calendar year, after only being funded for 4 months of the winter period – July – October. The eight hour shift by the end of October averaged 20 transfers and breaches of >30 min transfers were down to 3.
The role for the dedicated ED HSA has continued to function after ED was able to find a saving in the shift numbers across seven days to pay for the position. ED is looking to reintroduce the Nurse back into the transfer team as a winter strategy for 2018.
Currently the statistics for March were 620 transfers (20 per shift) and 32 breaches (1 per shift). There are approximately seven (7) patients in the 8 hr shift who do require a nurse escort to their destination.

This was a successful trial which is now being put forward as a permanent role for our ED.

Emergency Nurse since 1999, now a Head of department for nursing in Emergency. This change came about after being given a KPI of 100% by executive to get all admitted patients out of ED in less than 30 min from bed ready time.