On the outer Barcoo, where the nurses are few: Simulation based trauma training for rural and remote health workers and primary response volunteers

Mr Thomas Vidins1
1Careflight Top End, Casuarina, Australia

The Northern Territory (NT) suffers road fatalities at 3 (three) times the rate of any other state or territory in Australia. 71% of fatalities in the NT occur in rural or remote areas.

The network of remote health clinics is extensive, however, there is still a significant reliance on non-medical and volunteer first responders in incidents of major trauma. Many responders rely on basic first aid skills. The CareFlight MediSim program seeks to “Give first responders additional skills, knowledge and confidence in treating trauma patients through practical simulation based training”

While it is clear that the program does not seek to expand scope of practice for those engaged with voluntary first response agencies, it works within Australian resuscitation guidelines for stopping haemorrhage, maintaining airway patency and managing acute burns from a first response capacity. We have developed skill stations that target these key areas. It is hoped that through the presentation of these skills, team members will open conversations with the organisations with which they are affiliated to optimise trauma care in the rural and remote setting.

This is a descriptive presentation based on our experience from our flight nurses as they expand the delivery of simulation based trauma training to workers in rural and remote areas..

Tom is a flight nurse with a passion for care in rural/remote areas. Moving to Darwin was his 2 year plan… 5 years ago! the people, the place and the medicine has kept him there. He has had the opportunity to work with and meet some amazing people in incredible places. He is an emergency nurse, a midwife and might even get to educate when he grows up!