How to successfully implement transitional research findings into practice in a busy emergency department

Adrienne Ling1
1Royal North Shore Hospital

Back ground:
Approximately 17,000 Australians sustain a fractured neck of femur every year, A 2010 study in Australian Emergency Departments1:
• Only 7% of hip fracture patients received a nerve block in the ED
• Morphine was administered to nearly 60% of patients
• Median time to analgesia of any form was 75 minutes
• Less than 50% of patients had documented pain scores

Other studies have demonstrated that:
• Regional nerve block techniques (RNBs) are more effective than IVI analgesia for managing #NOF pain.
• A Fascia Iliaca Block (FIB) is a type of RNB and patients who have FIBs require significantly less opiate analgesia, potentially reducing risk of delirium.
• FIBs can be safely and effectively performed by registered nurses
• Nurse-initiated FIB early in the patient journey

The focus of this Translational Research project was to implement this proven approach to pain management as a routine procedure. This meant identifying and overcoming various barriers and obstacles

Secondary gains:
Ready-to-use FIB equipment packs were designed. A pre and post FIB checklist on the EMR (FirstNet) system was designed to make documentation streamlined. Charting pain, using the tools Visual Analogue Scale (VAS) and Pain Assessment in Advanced Dementia (PAINAD) for non-verbal and cognitively-impaired patients facilitated the recording of pain scores. Falls patients without #NOF have benefited from the knowledge of PAINAD as an alternative pain scoring tool

Further learning’s:
The eight hour original mixed theory workshops taught by medical staff, is now taught by nurses. Negotiated with anaesthetics re degree of sterility from full sterile gowns to a pair of sterile gloves. Anaesthetising the skin pre insertion of FIB needle abolished. Ropivacaine was low dose 0.2% now changed to full dosage 0.75%.

The FIB assessors have credentialed 32 nurses across two hospitals, no adverse events recorded. The FIB program was deemed successful as a research implementation project.

Adrienne is currently working at Royal North Shore Hospital (RNSH) Emergency Department (ED) as the Clinical Nurse Educator and Clinical Nurse Specialist with 8 years’ emergency nursing experience. Adrienne commenced her nursing carer 16 years ago as an Enrolled Nurse (EN) at St Vincent’s Hospital Sydney while completing her Bachelor of Nursing. Academically she has obtained at her Graduate Certificate in Critical Care and this year has commenced a Masters of Advanced Nursing – majoring in education at the University of Technology Sydney. She is commitment to staff education, development and promotion of evidenced base practice.