Hashtag – a fresh system for emergency nursing assessment

Antony Robinson1

1 Royal Darwin Hospital, Rocklands Drive, Tiwi, NT, 0810, Antony.Robinson@nt.gov.au

The ‘Hashtag System’ is a fresh way for conceptualising and teaching the emergency nursing assessment process. It enables nurses to combine the benefit of a systematic approach with the fluid prioritisation which is the art of emergency nursing.

Models such as HIRAID have advanced the conceptualisation of the emergency nursing assessment process, but imply a linearity which can evade the frontline nurse. Hashtag seeks to take advantages of such systems but make the model more memorable, usable, adaptable and expandable for both novice and experienced emergency practitioners. The importance of synthesis is integrated into the platform, encouraging nurses to develop higher level assessment skills.

This presentation will introduce the Hashtag System and offer resources for nurses to try the system in their own practice.


Antony Robinson is the acting Clinical Nurse Consultant – Education at Royal Darwin Hospital Emergency Department. He has worked in Australia, Solomon Islands, United Kingdom, Timor Leste and Indonesia.