The 12th International Conference for Emergency Nurses was held at the Pan Pacific in Perth, WA, from Wednesday 8th to Friday 10th October 2014.


Conference Program

Wednesday 8 October 2014
0800 Workshop registration open
0830-1300 Pre-Conference Workshops
Each workshop is an additional cost to attend. Member/Student $30, Non-Member $60. Book during the registration process or by emailing the Conference Secretariat. Non-delegates are welcome to attend.
Pre-Conference Workshops
Hamersley Golden Ballroom South Goldsworthy
0830-1030 I love NIV

Kate Sykes, Karen Bone

Toxicology for the emergency nurse
Kane Guthrie
Difficult vascular access? Use vessel-locating technology
James Rippey, Pete Carr, Gavin Jackson
1030-1100 Morning Tea for workshop participants
Pre-Conference Workshops
Hamersley Golden Ballroom South Goldsworthy
1100-1300 We need an airway and access now!
Kate Sykes, Karen Bone
Writing for Publication
Ramon Shaban, Julie Considine
Initial care of ankle sprains & strains?
Tony Bradley
1000-1300 Exhibitor Bump In, Grand River Ballroom
1100 Conference registration open
1300-1400 Welcome Lunch with the exhibitors
Opening Plenary | Chair: Kane Guthrie
1400-1415 Welcome to Delegates | Kane Guthrie, ICEN 2014 Convenor
1415-1445 Keynote Address: Healthcare innovations: our achievements and the challenge of sustaining and continuing innovative change
Dr Michael Stanford
1445-1515 Keynote Address: Art and emergency medicine
Professor Daniel Fatovich & Dr Michelle Johnston
1515-1545 Afternoon Tea
Concurrent Session A
Golden Ballroom North/Centre Golden Ballroom South Goldsworthy/Hamersley
Clinical Practice / Clinical Issues
Chair: Kane Guthrie
Chair: Carrie Sprigg
Older Adult
Chair: Lucia Gillman
1545-1605 How accurately do paramedics identify acute pulmonary oedema?
Ms Teresa Williams*, W/Prof Anthony A Celenza, Prof Tiew-Hwa Teng, Prof Ian Jacobs
Multi-disciplinary in-situ simulation: An collaborative approach to emergency care
Ms Julie-Ann Martin
Advance care planning and emergency care
Dr Maryann Street*, A/Prof Goetz Ottmann, Prof Megan-Jane Johnstone, Prof Julie Considine, Prof Patricia Livingston
1610-1630 Creative isolation: A review of the implementation of transmission based precautions in the Emergency Department
Dr Peta-Anne Zimmerman*, Ms Elizabeth Elder
Innovating change to a Transition to Speciality Practice (TSP) program in response to altered workforce demands
Ms Jennifer Jackman*, Ms Tanya Mosbey*, Ms Amie Wallis*, Ms Katherine Lambe
Emergency nurses knowledge and self-rated practice skills when caring for older ED patients
Dr Helen Rawson*, Ms Tania Cossich, Prof Julie Considine, A/Prof Paul Bennett, Prof Rose Chapman, Prof Alison Hutchinson
1635-1655 Trait anxiety: A predictor of burnout and secondary traumatic stress in nurses in WA
Desley Hegney*, Mark Craigie, Samar Aoun, Rebecca Osseiran-Moisson, Janie Brown, David Hemsworth, Vicki Drury, Sue Davis, Anthony Dolan
Transition to specialty practice programs in emergency nursing
Ms Julia Morphet*, Prof Julie Considine, A/Prof Virginnia Plummer, Prof Bridie Kent
Identification of factors associated with remaining longer than 8 hours in the Emergency Department for older people transferred from residential aged care
Dr Maryann Street*, A/Prof Goetz Ottmann, Ms Debra Berry, Dr Mohammadreza Mohebbi, Prof Julie Considine
Plenary | Chair: Kelly-Ann Hahn
1700-1720 Clinical Update: Stroke thrombolysis remains unproven
Professor Daniel Fatovich
1720-1730 Welcome Reception Sponsor Address
Adjunct Associate Professor Jeffrey Williams, Director of Nursing, St John of God Midland Public and Private Hospitals
1730-1900 Welcome Drinks, Exhibition Area
Thursday 9 October 2014
0800 Registration – Tea and coffee
0825 Housekeeping
Plenary | Chair: Kane Guthrie
0830-0900 Keynote Address: Innovation versus evidence in emergency care
Professor Julie Considine | Proudly sponsored by iSimulate
Concurrent Session B
Golden Ballroom North/Centre Golden Ballroom South Goldsworthy/Hamersley
Mental Health
Chair: Kane Guthrie
Patient Flow / NEAT / Clinical Redesign
Chair: Eileen Banks
Clinical Practice / Clinical Issues
Chair: Kelly-Ann Hahn
0905-0925 The impact of a patient flow strategy for patients presenting to ED for mental health care
Ms Nerolie Bost*, A/Prof Julia Crilly, Ms Karen Wallen
A critical evaluation of oncology presentations to the Emergency Department: a retrospective cross-sectional study
Ms Meredith Oatley, Mrs Lesley Mullen*, Prof Margaret Fry
An innovative new role in the Emergency Department: forging best practice in refugee care
Ms Jacquie McBride, Prof Rose Chapman, A/Prof Andrew Block, Ms Claire Lynch, Ms Lisa Cox*
0930-0950 A mixed method analysis of emergency department staff towards patients who present with deliberate self-poisoning
Prof Rose Champan, Ms Catherine Martin, Dr Asheq Rahman*
Development of a cancer symptom and chemotherapy toxicity review clinic within the chemotherapy day unit to improve patient care and decrease ED presentations
Ms Angela Mellerick*, Dr Sally Greenberg, Ms Ilana Hornung
Nurse and physio practitioners leading the way in emergency care: The creation of a minor injury and illness unit
Ms Wendy Fenton
0955-1015 A retrospective analysis of the characteristics of deliberate self-poisoning with repeat or single presentations
Ms Catherine Martin, Prof Rose Chapman, Prof Andis Graudins, Dr Asheq Rahman*
Structural changes increasing Emergency Department efficiency can increase hospital NEAT performance
Mr Alan O’Conner, Mr Matthew Conaghty*, Ms Kelly Lewis, Mr David Taeuber, Ms Keirstie Bull, Mr Andrew Blyth
Understanding the effect of clinician dependent versus evidence-based pathway for the management of Salmonella-like symptoms in an emergency department
Mr Jamie Ranse*, Mr Matt Luther, Dr Kristen Ranse
1015-1040 Morning Tea
Concurrent Session C
Golden Ballroom North/Centre Golden Ballroom South Goldsworthy/Hamersley
Patient Flow / NEAT / Clinical Redesign
Chair: Kelly-Ann Hahn
Triage / Transfers
Chair: Sarah Louise Moyes
Clinical Practice / Clinical Issues
Chair: Eileen Banks
1040-1100 Patient emergency access point project solutions to address the increasing number of category 4 & 5 presentations to the Emergency Department
Mrs Kelly Foster*, Ms Nicola Ross, Mrs Joanne Johnson
Triage in the Emergency Department, hazards and vulnerabilities: A national perspective
Ms Maree Hitchcock*, A/Prof Julia Crilly, A/Prof Brigid Gillespie, Prof Wendy Chaboyer
Improving the management of adult patients presenting to the Emergency Department with atrial fibrillation with rapid ventricular response
Ms Sue Anderton
1105-1125 Exploring future directions in triage practices to limit access block and emergency department crowding: A systematic review
Ms Elizabeth Elder*, A/Prof Julia Crilly, Dr Amy Johnston
The Emergency Department frequent presenter project: Looking at alternative pathways
Miss Ruth Jebb*, Mrs Deanne McErlean
Humidified high flow in the Emergency Department
Ms Nerida Bell*, Ms Claire Hutchinson*
1130-1150 Admitted patients boarding in inpatient corridors, what will people think? Staff and patient perspectives of the ‘transit’ process at Liverpool Hospital
Miss Alera Riley-Henderson*, A/Prof Anna Holdgate
Telehealth: Improving emergency care in rural and remote Queensland
Mr Matthew Barnveld
Improving management of atrial fibrillation with rapid ventricular response
Ms Margaret Maslin*, Ms Kathryn Bowman, Dr Jennie Hutton
1155-1215 Transdisciplinary care in the Emergency Department
Ms Kelli Innes, Ms Julia Morphet, A/Prof Debra Griffiths, A/Prof Allison Williams, Dr Kimberley Crawford, Ms Tamsin Jones*, Ms Belinda Berry, Ms Renee Blight
A qualitative study of problems encountered when arranging interhospital transfer from a metropolitan hospital Emergency Department
Dr Lucia Gillman*, Prof Ian Jacobs, Prof Daniel Fatovich
1215-1310 Lunch
Plenary | Chair: Kane Guthrie
1310-1340 Keynote Address: Emergency nurses as education superstars
Mr David Corkill
Concurrent Session D
Golden Ballroom North/Centre Golden Ballroom South Goldsworthy/Hamersley
Change Management /
Managing Contemporary Issues
Chair: Kylie Fawcett
Disaster / Mass Gatherings
Chair: Kane Guthrie
Clinical Practice / Clinical Issues
Chair: Carrie Sprigg
1345-1405 Creating culture for change
Ms Cindy Patterson*, Ms Hannah Putland*, Ms Amanda Henderson
Rising to the challenge developing the next generation of disaster nurses
Ms Bronte Martin*, Mrs Rebecca Weir*, Ms Dianne Crellin
Vascular access difficulty in the emergency room. Developing the VADER tool
Mr Peter Carr
1410-1430 Crisis resource management: Applying aviation principles to an inner-city Emergency Department
Miss Hayley Peek*, Miss Sarah-Louise Moyes
The challenges of determining your scope of practice in an overseas disaster: The Philippines experience
Ms Dianne Crellin*, Ms Bronte Martin, Ms Rebecca Weir
Right blood right patient – Improving blood administration safety in the Emergency Department setting
Ms Katie Murdoch, Ms Catherine Walker*, Ms Meredith Symons*, Mr Andy Waugh, Mrs Lauren Kite, Dr Sharyn Ireland, Ms Sorcha Carwood, Ms Carly Challis, Ms Chris Ackers
1435-1455 Paediatric asthma rescue medication stickers
Miss Celandine Clappis*, Mrs Anne Longergan, Mrs Rachel Tonkin
Patient presentations to onsite health providers, ambulance paramedics and hospital Emergency Departments from a mass gathering: A case study
Mr Jamie Ranse*, Mr Shane Lenson, Mr Toby Keene, Mr Matt Luther, Dr Brandon Burke, Dr Alison Hutton
The symptom management model, time to analgesia and the experience of pain in the adult Emergency Department
Mr James Hughes*, Prof Patsy Yates, Dr Kimberley Alexander
1500-1520 Dare to be bare in DEM
Mrs SallyAnne Jones*, Mrs Kerry Healy, Ms Cheryl Bourke, Ms Nicola Kinnear
The role of the emergency nurse working at international SOS, Vietnam
Miss Sally Bautovich*, Mr Chinh Tran Huy
Evaluating time to analgesia for care delivered by nurse practitioners in the Emergency Department
Mrs Natasha Jennings*, Dr Gerard O’Reilly, Ms Arushi Kansai, A/Prof Biswadev Mitra, Prof Glenn Gardner
1525-1545 Rounding in the Emergency Department – An opportunity for consumer engagement
Ms Sarah-Louise Moyes*, Ms Hayley Peek, Mr Benjamin White
Nursing leadership in a disaster setting, are there any differences? …AusMAT nursing team leader experiences Operation Philippines Assist 2013
Ms Bronte Martin*, Mrs Rebecca Weir*
1545-1610 Afternoon Tea
Plenary | Chair: Kane Guthrie
1610-1630 Clinical Update: Oxygen Therapy – “When we should and when we shouldn’t”
Professor Julie Considine
1630-1650 Clinical Update: Antivenom Update
Dr Ioana Vlad
1650 Sessions end – Free evening


Friday 10 October 2014
0800 Registration
Plenary | Chair: Lucia Gillman
0825 Housekeeping
0830-0900 Keynote Address: Knowing what to do isn’t enough: Evidence based practice with the mind in mind
Professor Kenneth Walsh
0900-0930 Keynote Address: The art and science of death and dying in ED
Professor David Mountain
Concurrent Session E
Golden Ballroom North/Centre Golden Ballroom South
Education / Future Planning
Chair: Kane Guthrie
Clinical Practice / Clinical Issues
Chair: Kelly-Ann Hahn
0935-0955 Emergency nurse credentialing – A review of the literature
Mr Shane Lenson*, Ms Sophie Williams
Multidrug resistant superbugs: Infection control, prevention and the rational use of antibiotics in the ED
Ms Dianne Crellin
1000-1020 Succession planning in the adult Emergency Department – The outcomes
Mr James Hughes
Engaging patients to create a better ED
Mrs SallyAnne Jones*, Ms Jacqueline Montana, Ms Caroline Mitchell, Ms Fiona Packwood
1025-1045 Better preparing RNs for the realities of emergency department practice: Using simulation to enhance undergraduate learning across mental health and emergency nursing practice
Ms Elicia Kunst*, Mr Stephen Van Vorst
Improving recognition of and response to clinical deterioration in the Emergency Department using a clinical network
Ms Jan Pannifex
1045-1115 Morning Tea
Plenary | Chair: Kane Guthrie
1115-1145 Keynote Address: The personality characteristics of emergency nurses
Ms Belinda Kennedy
1145-1205 Clinical Update: Minor injuries update
Mr Tony Bradley
1205-1225 Clinical Update: Therapeutic Hypothermia – To cool or not to cool
Mr David Corkill
1225-1245 Clinical Update: Sepsis and fluid replacement
Professor Simon Brown
1245-1345 Lunch
Concurrent Session F
Golden Ballroom North/Centre Golden Ballroom South Goldsworthy/Hamersley
Chair: Lisa Gray
Chair: Scott Hawkins
Patient / Staff Safety
Chair: Lucia Gillman
1345-1405 Barriers to recognition and reporting of non-accidental injury in children in peripheral Emergency Departments
Ms Corrie Lokan
Multi-disciplinary in-situ simulation: Implementing and evaluating sustainable team training
Miss Lisa-Maree Reichelt*, Mr Ben Smith*, Mr Chris Norton*
‘Hands on’ assessment: A strategy for improving patient safety in emergency settings
Dr Angela Jones*, Prof Megan-Jane Johnstone, Prof Maxine Duke
1410-1430 The challenges and successes of setting up a designated paediatric Emergency Department
Mrs Kelly Foster*, Mrs Joanne Johnson
Creating innovative partnerships to enhance the scope of practice and cultural awareness of emergency nurses: The Western Health and Remote Area Health Corps experience
Mrs Julie O’Connell, Ms Julie-Ann Martin*, Mr Phillip Roberts, Ms Fiona Wake
The vulnerable patient in the ED a unique NP model
Ms Julia Brownlie*, Mrs Sally Jones
1435-1455 ED review clinic: Bridging the gap
Mr Wayne Varndell*, Mr Alister Hodge, Ms Carmel Hagness, Ms Deborah Tracy
The role of the emergency nurse in environmental sustainability
Ms Jacquelene Dunn*, Prof Rose Chapman*
The relationship between security incidents and absentism in the Emergency Department
Ms Elsie Bowd Williams*, Ms Eileen Banks, Mr Peter Carr, Mr Desley Hegney, Mr Kane Guthrie
1455-1520 Afternoon Tea | Exhibitor Bump Out at conclusion
Plenary | Chair: CENA WA President & Executive Director of CENA
1520-1540 Conference wind-down / Awards / ICEN 2015 Handover
1600-1700 CENA AGM
1840 Coaches depart Pan Pacific for Kings Park
1900 till late Conference Dinner “An evening where industry and innovation meet”
Dress: Formal with a splash of high vis
Frasers in Kings Park


Saturday 11 October 2014

Clinical Tour – St John of God Hospital

45 minute tours x 2

Cost $10 per head, includes bus transport to site. Tour numbers are limited.

Book during registration or by emailing the conference secretariat.

CENA Trauma Nursing Program (TNP)

Short course on the essentials of trauma knowledge and practice. Useful as a first course in trauma or as a refresher. An optional assessment is delivered at the conclusion of the program. Following successful completion of the assessment you will receive a certificate of achievement.

Saturday 11th October 2014 Sunday 12th October 2014
Start 09:30 – Finish 18:00 Start 08:00 – Finish 17:00

CENA member attending ICEN: $400
CENA member: $450
Non CENA member attending ICEN: $500
Non CENA member: $550

Places are strictly limited. Register by Friday 29th August 2014by contacting the CENA National Secretariat
Ph: +61 3 9895 4433


01 Quality and safety is at the heart of the blood safety portfolio group
Anna D’Ambrosi, Claire Hansen, Matt Luther
02 Emergency DNA: The building blocks
Claire Hansen, Allison Jordan, Kenna Laidlaw, Matt Luther
03 Meeting the challenge: Schoolies and the on site health tent
Dr Amy Johnston, Nerolie Bost, Kate Gilmour, Cary Strong, Michael Aitken, Jo Timms, Tonya Donnelly, Kim Daniels, Julia Crilly
04 Effectiveness of the airway management and ventilation training program in Thai undergraduate nursing students
Suphanna Krongthaeo
05 Innovation and Redesign for Emergency Nurses: Establishing a redesign culture in children’s health Queensland
Therese Oates
06 Quality standards for Australian Emergency Departments
Dr Alana Peters, Lee Trenning, Dr Carmel Crock
07 Factors influencing triage allocation for patients with acute myocardial infarction
Kimberley Ryan, Dr Louise Cullen, Jaimi Greenslade, Dr Kevin Chu, Dr Anthony FT Brown, Julia Brownlie
08 Thematic analysis for the factors influencing compliance rate of hand hygiene for the health care workers in Emergency Departments: A critical literature review for the future hand hygiene battle
Heyman Tang, Yee Fun Ng, Madelaine Chow
09 From training to coaching: A three year transformational experience on emergency nursing educational model in a regional emergency department in Hong Kong
Heyman Tang, Chi Chung Chan, Edward Hong, Wai Ling Chan, Helen Leung, Fung Ling So, William Chan, Wan Man Lam
10 Emergency nursing education: How far do we go? Reactive vs proactive? Hospital vs community? An experience from an emergency department in Hong Kong
Heyman Tang, Wai Ling Chan, Chi Chung Chan, Edward Hong, William Chan, Fung Ling So, Helen Leung, Chun Kwong Cheung, John Wong
11 Is blood pressure (systolic and diastolic) in thigh congruent to upper arm: True or not?
Mr Chun-kwong Cheung*, Ms Mei Mei Chan, Ms Ka Po Ng, Ms Yee Lai Hung, Mr Yun Fai Cheung